Tomb of Sheikh Abadir

Tomb of Sheikh Abadir information

Harar , Ethiopia
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Shrines devoted to local holy men or religious leaders are even more numerous: over 300 inside and outside the walls - no-one has yet managed to count them. Many are very peaceful, beautiful and well-kept places open to both sexes and all religions.

The Tomb ofSheikh Abadir is near the southeastern point of the Old Town. The sheikh was one of the most important preachers of Islam in the region and his tomb still attracts worshippers seeking solutions to daily struggles: financial concerns, illnesses, family crises and infertility. If their prayers are answered, many devotees return to make gifts to the shrine: usually rugs or expensive sandalwood. The tomb has become an important centre of pilgrimage, especially for those who cannot afford a trip to Mecca.