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Introducing Glastonbury

If you suddenly feel the need to get your third eye cleansed or your chakras realigned, then there’s really only one place in England that fits the bill: good old Glastonbury, a bohemian haven and centre for New Age culture since the days of the Summer of Love, and still a favourite hang out for hippies, mystics and counter-cultural types of all descriptions. The main street is more Haight Ashbury than Somerset hamlet, thronged with a bewildering assortment of crystal sellers, veggie cafés, mystical bookshops and bong emporiums, but Glastonbury has been a spiritual centre since long before the weekend Buddhists and white witches arrived. It’s supposedly the birthplace of Christianity in England, and several of Britain’s most important ley lines are said to converge on nearby Glastonbury Tor. Whether you find spiritual enlightenment or just a solid veggie meal in Glastonbury, one thing’s for certain: it’s not a bad place to stock up on joss sticks.