Jens Olsen's World Clock

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Copenhagen , Denmark
Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 10am-1pm Sat
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You can poke around the main hall of the Rådhus (city hall) on your own but it’s more interesting to make the climb up the 105m clock tower for Jens Olsens Clock , which tops city hall, but expect a decent workout as there are some 300 steps along the way. The clock, designed by Danish astromechanic Jens Olsen (1872–1945) and built at a cost of one million kroner, is of special note to chronometer buffs, displaying not only the local time, but also solar time, sidereal time, sunrises and sunsets, firmament and celestial pole migration, planet revolutions, the Gregorian calendar and even changing holidays, such as Easter.