Quick place to buy winter clothes in Prague?

We'll be in Prague for a few days in January, staying on na Florenci. If we wake up the first morning and realize we're underdressed, where can we quickly go by taxi to buy warm, inexpensive coats/socks/underwear (and possibly boots)? They needn't be very high quality, just good enough to keep us from freezing. Not that we're coming in shorts and T-shirts, but just in case.


Czech republic as an EU citizen without a passport

Hello thorn tree

I'm a Danish citizen planning on going to Prague for new years. Unfortunately I won't have my new passport before mid January.
Will it be a problem for me going to cz without it? What are the potential consequences if any?

Unlike other EU countries we don't have national ID's in Denmark, which means the passport is our only legal travel document. Even within the EU. Are Czech authorities likely to know this?


Namesti Miru - Prague

Hello fellow travellers
has anyone ever stayed in Křesťanský Domov Mládeže U Svaté Ludmily (KDM Hostel)? how about the room cleanliness, comfort?
I'm interested in the location, next to Namesti Miru metro station and has nice church and garden next to it.
It's not available in or other booking websites.
Other other suggested budget accommodation withing walking distance to Namesti Miru?
Thanks in advance.



Posting from Prague

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help. I've googled for ages but can't find an answer.

I'm going to be in Prague for Christmas as part of a month long backpacking trip. I want to buy some Czech crystal glasses but don't fancy carting them around for another three weeks. Id rather post them home.

Does anyone know how long surface mail takes between the Czech Republic and the UK? If it arrives too soon I wont be able to collect it and the post office might not hold it until I'm back. An idea of…


12 days itinerary from Prague to Budapest via train and bus in late November?

I'm headed to Prague mid November and I fly out of Budapest 12 days later.
In 1995 I did 45 days in Sept/Oct in Poland/Czech/Slovak/Poland/Hungary.
Saw big cities and small cities. Presov, Porad, Eger, ceske budejovice, Karlovy Vary were some favorite smaller places.
My question - does anyone have a recco for a train/bus itinerary for 12 days starting in Prague and ending in Budapest?
In '95 it was pretty nice weather and lots of daylight hours. My concern is that it'll be colder and less…


When to rent a car around Prague + Airport time through security

Going to be in Prague in late November with my wife. Arriving early Saturday morning by train and leaving at 10am on Tuesday by air which gives me 3 days in the city.

We are interested in Cesky Krumlov, in that 3 days, which would be tight I understand. It looks like a 3 hour bus ride or a slightly longer train ride. It does however look like a 2 hour drive if you rent a car. If we rented a car we could also stop by Hluboka Castle and Ceske Budejovice(although not super interested in it)



A Day or Two in Prague

Dear all,

I'm visiting Prague for the first time together with my wife on Nov 14-16 and have 1-2 full days there. I'd like to get your recommendations on what to do and where to be. We like history, culture, churches, sights more than bars and parties. Also, we would appreciate low-budget tips.

Thank you for sharing!


2 Student Travelers' Trip to Budapest & Prague

Hello Thorn Tree,

My friend and I are both students studying in Amsterdam and are traveling to Budapest and Prague in October and were looking for suggestions as to what to see, do, where to go out, eat, etc. We are two girls and want to go out and experience the nightlife in both cities but also want to make sure we feel safe. So far on our agenda, we want to go to one of the thermal bath parties and the Central Hall Market in Budapest. We are planning on taking walking tours of each city to…


home exchange

What is the best website to organize a home exchange for a family of 4? We are thinking long term...6 months or more. Currently we are in Mexico with a vision to move to Prague. Thanks in advance


New Years in Prague, and a potential day trip to Cesky Krumlov

HI, just wondering if I request a bit of advice. We are a couple from Australia who are planning on being in Prague for the first time on the 30th and 31st January 2014. we will be flying in from Zurich and flying out to Frankfurt.
We are interested in architecture, history and good food.
We have been researching Prague for new years and it seems like the fireworks go from the Charles Bridge- in looking for accommodation it seems that only the 4 seasons would have a view of this (and the super…