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Introducing Sarchí

Welcome to Costa Rica’s most famous crafts center, where artisans produce the ornately painted oxcarts and leather-and-wood furnishings for which the Central Valley is known. You’ll know you’ve arrived because just about everything is covered in the signature geometric designs – even city hall. Yes, it’s a tourist trap, but it’s a pretty one. The town is stretched out along a road that weaves through hilly countryside.

Most people come in for an afternoon of shopping and call it a day, but if you have time on your hands, it is possible to meet different artisans and custom order a creation.

Sarchí is divided by the Río Trojas into Sarchí Norte and Sarchí Sur, and is rather spread out, straggling for several kilometers along the main road from Grecia to Naranjo. It’s easiest to explore by private car.

In Sarchí Norte, you’ll find the heart of the village, including a twin-towered church, some restaurants and pulperías (corner stores), and what is purported to be the world’s largest oxcart (photo op!).