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From north to south, Ontario spans a whopping 1730km. It’s mostly flat country (this ain’t the place for downhill skiing), but is peppered with lakes and forests. The northern continental climate sees bitterly cold winters and mild summers. In southern Ontario there’s a collision between cold air from the arctic north and warm maritime air from the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. This creates steady precipitation throughout the year, heavy summer humidity and much milder winters than in the north.

That said, the entire province is blanketed with heavy snowfalls during winter. January averages are around -4°C on the Niagara Peninsula and -18°C in Ontario’s northern zones. In the south, where most of the population lives, winter snow melts rapidly in spring. As summer draws closer, the strip of land bordering the USA gets increasingly hot and sticky, particularly the Niagara Peninsula. July averages are around 23°C in southwestern Ontario, 19°C in eastern Ontario and 15°C in the north.