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Tunupa & Coquesa/Bolivia

Introducing Tunupa & Coquesa

A rounded promontory juts into the Salar de Uyuni diagonally opposite Colchani, and on it rises Volcán Tunupa (5432m). Altitude aside, this hulking yellow mountain is a relatively easy climb. One legend linking it to the origins of the salt flat states that 16th-century Inca ruler Atahualpa slashed the breast of a woman called Tunupa on the mountain's slopes, and the milk that spilled out formed the salar. Another story tells that back in ancient days, mountains were men and women. Right after giving birth to their baby, Tunupa learned her man was living with another woman. Devastated, she wept and wept, spilling her salty tears over her breast milk, and creating this vast area of sadness and beauty that is now the salar.