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Cobourg Peninsula/Australia

Introducing Cobourg Peninsula

The entire wilderness of this remote peninsula forms the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park which includes the surrounding sea. In the turquoise water you'll likely see dolphins and turtles, and − what most people come for − a threadfin salmon thrashing on the end of your line.

On the shores of Port Essington are the stone ruins and headstones from Victoria settlement − Britain's 1838 attempt to establish a military outpost.

At Algarlarlgarl (Black Point) there's a ranger station with a visitor information and cultural centre, and the Garig Store, which sells basic provisions, ice and camping gas.

Two permits are required to visit the Cobourg Peninsula: for a transit pass ($12.10 per vehicle) to drive through Aboriginal land contact the Northern Land Council; for permission to stay overnight in the national park contact the Cobourg Peninsula Sanctuary & Marine Park Board. The overnight fee is $232.10 per vehicle, which covers up to five people for seven days and includes camping and transit pass.

There are two camping grounds in the park with shower, toilet, BBQs and limited bore water; generators are allowed in one area. Camping fees (per person per day $16.50) are covered by your vehicle permit, but if you fly in you'll have to pay them. Other accommodation is available in pricey fishing resorts.