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Introducing Beni Isguen

The town is built on the slope of the hill, 2.5km southeast of Ghardaïa. This is the most important religious town in the M’Zab and also has an excellent reputation for science and education. Constructed in the 14th century, it’s also known for its ramparts, which are 2.5km long and 3m high. The people here hang on very firmly to their traditional ways, and the amount of outside influence is kept to an absolute minimum.

The town’s narrow streets are entered from the main Ghardaïa road. It is compulsory for all tourists entering the town to have a guide, and you can pick one up at this entry point. At the entrance to the town is a sign reminding tourists that photography and smoking are forbidden in the town, and modest dress is compulsory (no shorts or bare shoulders). However, you will normally be permitted to take photos as long as there are no women passing.