Gyeongdong Market

Gyeongdong Market information

Seoul , South Korea
Just E of Jegi station
+82 2 962 3582
Getting there
Underground: line 1 to Jegi-dong, Exit 2
Opening hours
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You could spend hours exploring the biggest and best Asian medicine market in Korea. All the leaves, herbs, roots, flowers and mushrooms piled up in the shops and stalls are medicinal. Bark is sold to be made into soup, and jine is a long millipede that is boiled to make a soup or else eaten dry – it is said to be good for backaches, and a handful costs W12,000. Hwang-gi is a white root that is mixed with rice and is supposed to prevent sweating. Omija, both dried and undried, are tiny red berries that are soaked in boiling water overnight to produce a delicious ‘five flavour’ tea. Rose petals and chrysanthemum flowers are also made into tea. The tiny dried nashis are put into alcohol to aid digestion. Cross the road, turn left at Shinhan Bank and then first right, and on the left is a 2nd-floor arcade with stalls piled high with ginseng and honey products. Underneath and nearby are hundreds more food-cum-medicine stalls, including some selling nuts and dried fruit. A little further on a couple of stalls sell natural medicines such as arrow­root by the cup (all W1000 a cup). They taste pretty bad, but the maesil (plum) one is said to improve blood pressure.