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Introducing Ras Al-Jinz

Ras al-Jinz (Ras al-Junayz), the easternmost point of the Arabian Peninsula, is an important turtle-nesting site for the endangered green turtle. Over 20,000 females return annually to the beach where they hatched in order to lay eggs.

Oman has an important role to play in the conservation of this endangered species and takes the responsibility seriously, with strict penalties for harming turtles or their eggs. The area is under government protection and the only way to visit the site is by joining an escorted tour. For further information about conservation measures in place to protect Oman’s turtles, contact the Environment Society of Oman.

While the tour is intended for the well-being of the turtle, at peak holiday times large volumes of people flock to the reserve. Thankfully groups are limited to 20 people per guide with no more than five guides in each session. Despite the reserve's best efforts, there is something immensely intrusive about large, noisy groups gawping at such an intimate act, especially when flippers are lifted out of the way for better viewing and the frightened turtles are chased down the beach by mobile-phone wielding individuals. As such, the experience may not be to everyone's taste.