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Introducing Lundu

The quiet town of Lundu, an overgrown fishing village about 55km west of Kuching, is the gateway to Gunung Gading National Park.

The road north out of town leads not only to Gunung Gading National Park but also to two beaches that are popular with Kuchingites on weekends and holidays. Romantic, coconut palm-fringed Pantai Pandan, 11km north of Lundu, is one of Sarawak’s nicest beaches (despite the sandflies), with a gentle gradient that’s perfect for kids. A few beachfront huts sell eats and drinks. Camping is possible. Pantai Siar, 8km north of Lundu, is home to several small resorts that appeal mainly to the domestic market.

Otto Steinmayer, an American-born literature professor who lives in – and loves – Lundu, has an interesting website, www.ikanlundu.com.