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Introducing Accompong

The Maroons and their legacy make up a significant chapter in the Jamaican national narrative, yet the truth of the matter is there are very few actual Maroon communities remaining on the island. Accompong, named for the brother of Maroon hero Cudjoe and embedded in the outer edges of southwestern Cockpit Country, is the sole remaining outpost in western Jamaica. This unique cultural lineage alone makes the town worth a visit, but it is also a good base for exploring the region of Cockpit Country, also known as ‘Me No Sen, You No Come,’ a landscape that, by dint of its ruggedness, is as responsible for Maroon independence as Maroon battle prowess.

The village still enjoys aspects of quasi-autonomy and is headed by a colonel elected by secret ballot for a period of five years. The colonel appoints and oversees a council, and it is considered proper etiquette to introduce yourself upon visiting (you should be directed to him upon entering the village, but if not, just ask around). For more background on the Maroons, see http://abengcentral.wordpress.com, a website that serves the Maroon community both within and outside of Jamaica.