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Montego Bay & Northwest Coast

Introducing Montego Bay & Northwest Coast

Home to the nation’s largest airport and a busy Caribbean cruise terminal, Montego Bay is many people’s first view of Jamaica before they get whisked off to the surrounding beaches, golf courses and all-inclusive resorts. So it's ironic that some of the area’s most interesting haunts are not to be found in MoBay itself – an unremarkable city of clamor and traffic – but in the crinkled mountains and jagged coastlines that surround it. Lethe is a verdant jungle-like domain where resort escapees can partake in adrenalin sports such as zip-lining and river-rafting. Falmouth is Jamaica’s historical masterpiece that still retains the grit of its slave-era roots. Cockpit Country is a roadless wilderness of hidden caves and eerily silent hills that’s disorientating, even to hardened locals. Filling in the gaps is a dense network of small towns and tiny villages that pulsate with the rawness and romance of everyday Jamaican life.