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Refugio de Vida Silvestre Cuero y Salado

Introducing Refugio de Vida Silvestre Cuero y Salado

On the coast about 30km west of La Ceiba, this wetland reseve protects varied and abundant wildlife: manatees are the most famous (and the hardest to see), but there are also howler and white-faced monkeys, sloths, agoutis (rabbit-sized rodents), iguanas, caimans and hundreds of bird species.

The small town of La Unión is the gateway to Cuero y Salado. From there, you catch a train to a visitors center where a L200 entrance fee is collected and tours can be organized. Canoe trips (L130 for two people, plus L210 per guide for a two-hour tour) are by far the best way to explore the reserve.

A well-maintained dorm is a short walk away, and simple meals are available at the visitors center cafe.

For further information, contact Fundación Cuero y Salado in La Ceiba.