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Introducing Chhukha Dzongkhag

Unless making an overland crossing to or from India, most Western travellers tend to give Chhukha Dzongkhag a wide berth. For those who insist on taking the land route, the district effectively consists of the winding road that drops from the mountains through the lush tropical foothills of southern Bhutan to Phuentsholing, a boom town on the international border; Jaigaon, its twin settlement, is on the other side. It's a dramatic road trip and it gives you a sense of geographical continuity that flying into Paro doesn't. En route, you'll pass gigantic 'Lost World' ferns that spill onto the road and dozens of silver-threaded waterfalls, cascading off high cliffs into the mist.

Most of this road is a winding and treacherous 1.5-lane highway, regularly blocked for road-widening works. You may want to point out to your driver the superbly cheesy Indian signboards that bear cautionary lines such as 'Speed is the knife that kills life', 'Speed thrills but kills' and 'Impatient on Road, patient of Hospital'!