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Samdrup Jongkhar/Bhutan

Introducing Samdrup Jongkhar

The highway enters the town from the north, passing the small modern dzong with its goemba and traditional-style courthouse. The main road passes the Bank of Bhutan and crosses a bridge then turns left into the compact bazaar area, where you'll find hotels, shops and restaurants. If you go straight instead of turning left, you will hit the border.

There's little reason to linger in this sweltering border town. The streets are jammed with Tata trucks and every morning and afternoon a tide of Indian workers crosses the border to work in the town. If you have time to kill, you can visit the modern Rabdey Dratshang behind the dzong or the Zangto Pelri Lhakhang down the road near the football ground.

A Bhutanese-style gate decorated with a dragon and garuda bids you farewell as you collect your exit stamp in your passport and cross into the heat and chaos of India.