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Introducing Sturbridge

Sturbridge can leave a bittersweet taste in the traveler's mouth – here is one of the most visited attractions in New England and a stark example of how far US culture has traveled in less than 200 years in search of the dollar.

The town retained much of its Colonial character until after WWII. When the Mass Pike (I-90) and I-84 arrived in the late 1950s and joined just north of the town, commerce and change came all at once. To take advantage of the handy highway transportation, Sturbridge became host to one of the country's first 'living museums' – Old Sturbridge Village (OSV). Ironically, the town's effort to preserve an example of a traditional Yankee community at OSV generated a mammoth attraction on whose borders motor inns, fast-food chains, gas stations and roadside shops have sprouted up.