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Introducing Sark

Traffic-free Sark is small in size, big on anachronisms. The only engines here are attached to tractors; horses and carts are a picturesque means of travel for many visitors, the rest walk or cycle. It's also streetlight free, and cycling the dark paths at night is utterly magical - but bring a torch. With a deeply crinkled coastline, the island stretches 40 miles of cliffs and beaches from its compact dimensions: 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. Seemingly lost lanes, extraordinary views and a tangible sense of freedom make it reminiscent of childhood holidays you possibly never actually had; it is one of the most memorable of the islands.

Sark's system of government has long had more than a few feudal overtones, but these days the 'ruler', the Seigneur, is more a Lord of the Manor figure. But enough glorious idiosyncrasies remain: only the Seigneur can keep pigeons, and road signs measure distances in 'minutes to walk', not miles.