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Ko Jum & Ko Si Boya/Thailand

Introducing Ko Jum & Ko Si Boya

Just north of Ko Lanta, Ko Jum and its neighbour Ko Si Boya have surprisingly little development; what’s there is tucked away in the trees, making the islands look and feel nearly deserted. Although technically one island, the locals consider only the flatter southern part of Ko Jum to be Ko Jum; the northern hilly bit is called Ko Pu.

Ko Jum was once the exclusive domain of Lanta’s chow lair people, but ethnic Chinese began arriving after Chairman Mao rose up in the 1950s. At the time there were no Thai people living here at all, but eventually the three cultures merged into one, which is best sampled amid the warm, early morning, ramshackle poetry of Ban Ko Jum, the island’s fishing village. It has a few restaurants, an internet cafe and a few dive shops, including Blue Juice Divers.