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Introducing El Combate

Remember that saying about first appearances being deceptive? Thus it is with El Combate. Named after a 1759 colonial turf war to control the lucrative salt flats to the south, El Combate (The Battle) is the last village heading south before the Los Morrillos Lighthouse, and as you skirt it the community appears nothing more than a sprawl of backyard trailer camping sites and dreary condos. Alight in its tiny center, however, and a different feeling shines through. Here, the dreamy beach village vibe that BoquerĂ³n long since lost lingers yet. Appropriately, you'll find one of western Puerto Rico's best beach bars, Annie's Place, a couple of tawdry guesthouses, and the gorgeous 3-mile-long strip of sand that affronts the Pasaje de la Mona. This beach is is perfect for swimming and is perennially popular with vacationing Puerto Rican families.