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Introducing Paracas (El Chaco)

The Paracas peninsula’s main village, El Chaco – often referred to erroneously as ‘Paracas’ – is a mishmash of half demolished and half repaired buildings that pepper a motley ‘resort’ strip shared by youthful backpackers, middle-aged ornithologists and a growing band of moneyed Limeños. On potholed streets still recuperating from the 2007 earthquake stray dogs bark, waiters hold open fish-inspired menus and hungry pelicans stakeout the harbor like vultures searching for fresh carrion. Tourism is the village’s raison d’être, though the posh new hotels and Lima-like condos that have recently embellished the town’s periphery have yet to forge a collective personality. On the road north to Pisco a collection of large fish factories emit a distinctive and stomach-churning pong.