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Introducing Río San Juan

You simply must see this river. It surges purposefully through rolling green hills, thick jungle and wetlands on its irrepressible march to the Caribbean.

Not that you’ll be sitting around all day admiring its beauty. This river demands action. After all, it was once the domain of indigenous traders, Spanish conquistadors, British pirates, gold hunting travelers and even Mark Twain. Follow their example and visit the small towns of Boca de Sábalos and El Castillo, penetrate the vine-hung wilderness of jaguars and macaws that is the Reserva Biológica Indio-Maíz, troll for tarpon, search for alligators in the moonlight and dine on plump lobsteresque giant shrimp while overlooking the remains of a 16th-century Spanish fort. All of which will cost you. But it’s worth it to fully experience this spectacular and unforgettable waterway.