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Hidalgo Del Parral

Introducing Hidalgo Del Parral

Easy-going Parral has a big place in Mexican history and some good museums. Its chief claim to fame is that it’s where Pancho Villa was murdered on July 20, 1923, and buried – with 30,000 attending his funeral at Parral’s Panteón de Dolores cemetery. Three years after his burial, his corpse was dug up and beheaded by persons unknown, and in 1976, his remains were moved to the capital.

Founded as a mining settlement in 1631, throughout the 17th century enslaved indigenous people mined the rich veins of silver and other minerals from Parral’s La Prieta mine, which makes a fascinating visit.

If you're anywhere near Parral in mid-July, don't miss the spectacular celebrations to mark Villa's death.