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Introducing Discovery Bay

This wide flask-shaped bay, 8km west of Runaway Bay and 8km east of Rio Bueno, is a popular resort spot for locals drawn to Puerto Seco Beach and many of Jamaica’s wealthiest families have holiday villas up in the hills here. The town itself has only marginal appeal.

Resembling a kind of giant nipple, the Kaiser Bauxite Company’s Port Rhoades bauxite-loading facility dominates the town (it was used for the headquarters of Dr No – Crab Cay – in the James Bond movie, Dr No). Large freighters are fed by conveyor belts from a huge storage dome that looks like a rusty pumpkin. You can follow the road signed ‘Port Rhoades’ uphill 1km to a lookout point offering fantastic views over the bay. Note the metal likeness of Anancy, the folkloric spider, in the playground of the Kaiser’s Sports Club, en route.

Locals believe this to be the location where Christopher Columbus first landed on Jamaican soil in 1494, though others say it was at Rio Bueno.