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Introducing Dessau-Rosslau

For Bauhaus junkies, Dessau represents the mother lode. Nowhere else in the world will you find a greater concentration of original 1920s Bauhaus structures than in this city on the Elbe River. Dessau was the home of the most influential design school of the 20th century during its most creative period from 1925 to 1932.

You could just stop off and see all major Bauhaus sights in the course of a day or stay a bit longer to explore the city’s four parks, which form part of the Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz (Garden Realm). Alas, the townscape itself is mostly defined by the grey concrete GDR-era aesthetic.

Note that, in 2007, Dessau merged with the smaller town of Rosslau across the Elbe, resulting in an official name change to Dessau-Rosslau.

The leading Bauhaus sights are west of the Hauptbahnhof, all within easy walking distance. The town centre lies southeast, about a 15-minute walk away. Pedestrianised Zerbster Strasse is the main drag, leading to the Markt, the town hall and the Rathaus-Center shopping mall.