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Dominical/Costa Rica

Introducing Dominical

Dominical hits a real sweet spot with the travelers who wander up and down its rough dirt road with a surfboard under arm, balancing the day's activities between the intense adrenaline rush of riding perfect waves and the lazy swing of a hammock. And although some may decry the large population of expats and gringos who have hunkered down here, proud residents are quick to point out that Dominical recalls the mythical ‘old Costa Rica’ – the days before the roads were all paved, and when the coast was dotted with lazy little towns that drew a motley crew of surfers, backpackers and affable do-nothings alike. Dominical has no significant cultural sights, no paved roads and no chain restaurants, and if you're not here to learn to surf or swing in a hammock it might not be the place for you.

But the overall picture is a bit more complex, especially since Dominical is starting to stretch its legs, seeking to attract more than the college-aged and shoestringer sets. The completion of the Costanera Sur, which runs right by town, is facilitating the spread of development further south along the coast, which has brought along with it an intense wave of foreign investment. At the time of writing they were building another, taller cell tower that promised – gasp! – reasonable internet connections and there were even rumors that they might pave the road. In the meantime, however, Dominical remains the sort of place where it’s best to just slow down, unwind and take things as they come.