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Introducing Lúgū Hú

This stunning, forest-lined lake overlaps the remote YúnnánSìchuān border and is home to several Tibetan, Yi and Mosu (a Naxi subgroup) villages. The Mosu are the last practising matriarchal society in the world and many other Naxi customs lost in Lìjiāng are still in evidence here. The lake, formed by two sinking faults, is fairly high at 2685m and is usually snowbound over winter. Villages are scattered around the lake but Luòshuǐ () is heavily developed for tourism and is where your bus will drop you off.

Consider heading for Lǐgé (; opposite), a much smaller village on the northeastern shore of the lake.

The best times to visit the lake are April to May, and September to October, when the weather is dry and mild. Entrance to the lake is Y80.