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Introducing Anegada

Anegada is a killer island. Literally. It takes its name from the Spanish word for ‘drowned’ or ‘flooded,’ and that’s what it did to more than 300 ships in the early years – it sunk them. The island is so low (28ft above sea level at its highest) that mariners couldn’t see it to get their bearings until they were trapped in the surrounding coral maze known as Horseshoe Reef.

Today it’s the salt ponds rife with flamingos, blooming cacti and giant rock iguanas that will slay you (figuratively, of course!). You can dive on many of the shipwrecks, or snorkel from ridiculously blue-watered beaches such as Loblolly Bay and Flash of Beauty.

The ferry takes only 1½ hours to reach this easternmost Virgin, about 12 miles from Virgin Gorda, but you’ll think you’ve landed on another planet. Its desert landscape looks that different, and its wee clutch of restaurants and guesthouses are that baked-in-the-sun mellow. It’s a mysterious, magical and lonesome place to hang your hammock for a stretch.

Anegada has no banks, so stock up before you get here.