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Introducing Coroico

With warm weather, spectacular views, good resort-style hotels for all budgets and an infectious laid-back air, Coroico is the most visited tourist town in the Yungas. Perched eyrie-like on the shoulder of Cerro Uchumachi, the village commands a far-ranging view across forested canyons, cloud-wreathed mountain peaks, patchwork agricultural lands, citrus orchards, coffee plantations and dozens of small settlements. When the weather clears, the view stretches to the snow-covered summits of Mururata, Huayna Potosí and Tiquimani, high in the Cordillera Real.

Coroico is derived from the Quechua word coryguayco meaning ‘golden hill.’ The town’s biggest attraction is its slow pace, which allows plenty of time for swimming, sunbathing and hammock-swinging. The hill-walking around here is more strolling than trekking, which appeals to stiff-legged hikers from the Choro trail or those nursing bruised bottoms after the hectic mountain-bike descent from La Paz.

Coroico is relatively warm year-round, but summer storms bring some mighty downpours. Because of its ridge-top position, fog is common, especially in the afternoon when it rises from the deep valleys and swirls through the streets and over the rooftops. The town festival is on October 20, and Saturday and Sunday are market days. On Monday much of the town closes down, with most stores and restaurants reopening Tuesday morning.

The village of Yolosa is located about 7km from Coroico along the World's Most Dangerous Road. There are a a few cool hangouts, an animal refuge, and a steady stream of dust-caked Dangerous Road bikers who generally end their rides here.