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Introducing Chulumani

Perched scenically on the side of a hill, this peaceful little town is the capital of the Sud Yungas. It’s a lot like Coroico, with a friendly town square, bustling market and tropical attitude, but receives next to no international visitation.

The town was founded because of the supposed healing qualities of the mineral streams in the vicinity. However, when its fertile soils provided bumper crops of coca (the country’s best for chewing), citruses, bananas, coffee and cacao, Chulumani soon became more important as a trade center for the nearby farming communities. The area is also a paradise for birds and butterflies – there are clouds of the latter, and several endemic species of the former. At a tropically warm and often wet altitude, Chulumani is a great trekking base camp and a relaxing weekend retreat with a great view. The only time its pervasive tranquility is interrupted is during the week following August 24, when Chulumani stages the riotous Fiesta de San Bartolomé.