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Corozal District/Belize

Introducing Corozal District

The country's northernmost district, Corozal is wedged in between Orange Walk and the border. Its proximity to Mexico lends it a certain Spanish charm, and also offers easy access to travelers coming from Cancun or Chetumal. In recent years, Corozal has been 'discovered' by outsiders, who are racing to buy up the affordable seaside property and build retirement homes on their little plots of paradise. However, this district is still relatively unknown to Belize-bound tourists, who don't often venture off the Northern Hwy.

The chunk of land that spreads south and eastward across the bay from Corozal Town is at once one of the least-visited and most visit-worthy spots in Belize. It's more compact than Orange Walk District, and most of the sights are well within striking distance – by boat or road – of Corozal Town itself. Though topographically not as dramatic as the west or the south (most of Northern Belize is fairly flat), this part of the country is sparsely populated and filled with pristine jungle, as well as the cool seaside town of Sarteneja and the amazing coastal Maya ruins at Cerros.