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Introducing Rajshahi

Built on the northern bank of the Padma River, Rajshahi is a fun university town with enough colour and attractions to entertain for a short visit. It also makes a sensible base from which to dig through the layers of history in Sona Masjid, Puthia and Natore.

The riverbank by the Padma River affords pleasant views and, in the late afternoon, a carnival-like atmosphere pervades with people strolling and chatting, children playing and vendors selling ice cream and other snacks.

Looking across the vast flood plain, you will see India (the border is about 2km beyond the opposite bank), where the river is called the Ganges. In the dry season it is sometimes possible to walk across the riverbed, which aids the thriving smuggling trade along the border. In any case, you can hop across on a boat (Tk 10). Note: the nearest official border crossing is at Sona Masjid.