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Introducing Monkey Mia

Watching the wild dolphins turning up for a feed each morning in the shallow waters of Monkey Mia, 26km northeast of Denham, is a highlight of every traveller's trip to the region. Don't be put off by the resort vibe – once you see these beautiful, intelligent mammals up close you'll forget about everything else. Watch the way they herd fish upside down, trying to trap them against the surface. The pier makes a good vantage point. The first feed is around 7.45am, but you'll see them arrive earlier, and hang around after the session, as the dolphins commonly come a second, and sometimes even a third time.

Monkey Mia Visitors Centre has a good range of publications, information and tours.

You can volunteer to work full time with the dolphins for between four and 14 days – it's popular, so apply several months in advance and specify availability dates, though sometimes there are last-minute openings. Contact the volunteer coordinator.