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Tafí Del Valle/Argentina

Introducing Tafí Del Valle

The lovely hilltown of Tafí is where the folk of Tucumán traditionally head to take refuge from the summer heat. The journey from the city is a spectacular one: the narrow gorge of the Río de los Sosas – with its dense, verdant subtropical forest on all sides – opens onto a misty valley beneath the snowy peaks of the Sierra del Aconquija. The precipitous mountain road merits a window seat on the bus.

Tafí makes a fine spot to hang out for a few days, with crisp mountain air, many budget accommodations and a laid-back scene. There are also a couple of memorable historic ranches to stay at.

Tafí’s center is a triangle of three streets. Av Miguel Critto is the main street running east to west. If you turn left out of the bus terminal, you soon join it. Off it, Av Perón is the center of activity, and Belgrano climbs from Perón past the church. Most public services are near the unusual semicircular plaza.