natural wonders

Japan’s most spectacular

Japan is a top contender for the most beautiful country in the world and has a huge diversity of natural sights to enjoy.

It’s tough to narrow them down but here is a good start; ten of the best nature experiences in Japan to enjoy.

Cherry blossoms

Come spring, countless cherry trees around Japan burst into color. That's the cue for locals to gather in parks and along river banks for cherry-blossom-viewing parties called hanami.

It's a tradition dating back centuries and one that is no less beloved today. The blossoms last only for a week or two, symbolic of life's ephemeral nature, but also a reminder to seize the present.

Mount Fuji

Even from a distance Mt Fuji (3776m) will take your breath away. Close up, Japan's highest peak is nothing short of awesome. Dawn from the summit? Magic. Fuji-san is among Japan's top attractions.

Hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year, continuing a centuries-old tradition of pilgrimages. Those who'd rather search for picture-perfect views can climb the less-daunting peaks nearby.


Hokkaidō is Japan's northernmost island: a largely untamed, highly volcanic landscape of massive mountains startlingly pock-marked with crystal-blue caldera lakes and sulphur-rich hot springs.

Its flora and fauna (of which there is a lot) is more closely related to Sakhalin, part of Russia, to the north, than the rest of Japan.