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When summer is over and the air starts to have a distinct chill, there’s no need to be downhearted. Fall is the most spectacular season, a last hurrah before the bitter winds of winter take hold.

Here are the most beautiful places to witness glorious fall colors all around the world.

See the golden red swash of Nara, Japan

Fall in Japan is every bit as nice as cherry blossom season in spring. Kouyou (fall leaves) can be seen across the country, starting in the northern island of Hokkaidō and spreading quickly south.

The ancient capital of Nara, a short train ride from Kyoto, is a good viewing spot. Its vast park is awash with color, with views of red and gold leaves along the paths up to Tamukeyama shrine.

A rusty riot in the Forest of Dean, England

This ancient woodland in Gloucestershire was once used as a royal hunting ground, and its trees were also used to make Tudor warships. Today, it’s the perfect spot for leaf peeping.

The mix of oak, beech and sweet chestnut provides a rusty riot of yellow and gold. The Forest of Dean can be easily covered on foot or bicycle. Just keep an eye out for the wild boar.

Brilliant red maple of White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

New England is synonymous with fall, and picking one must-see spot isn’t easy. But New Hampshire’s White Mountains are surely one of the best places to see autumn at its most colorful.

Hike through the hills at the start of October and you’ll be treated to brilliant red maple leaves, or drive to Silver Cascade Falls in Carroll County to see the trees glow next to a 250ft waterfall.

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