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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area/USA

Introducing Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Stretching for 50 miles between Florence and Coos Bay, the Oregon Dunes form the largest expanse of oceanfront sand dunes in the USA. The dunes tower up to 500ft and undulate inland as far as 3 miles to meet coastal forests, harboring curious ecosystems that sustain an abundance of wildlife, especially birds. The area inspired Frank Herbert to pen his epic sci-fi Dune novels.

The southern half of the dunes is dominated by dune buggies and dirt bikes (off-highway vehicles, or OHVs); hiking is not recommended in these areas. It's possible to rent vehicles near Florence, Winchester Bay and Hauser from about $40 per hour. The northern half of the dunes is closed to OHVs, and instead preserved for wildlife and more peaceful human activities such as hiking and canoeing.