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Makapuʻu Point

Introducing Makapuʻu Point

Makapuʻu Point and its coastal lighthouse mark the easternmost point of Oʻahu. On the north side of the point, a roadside lookout gives you an exhilarating view down onto Makapuʻu Beach Park, its aqua-blue waters outlined by diamond-white sand and jet-black lava. It’s an even more spectacular sight when hang gliders take off from the cliffs above.

From the lookout you can see two offshore islands, the larger of which is Manana Island (aka Rabbit Island). Once populated by feral rabbits, this aging volcanic crater now harbors burrowing wedge-tailed shearwaters. Curiously, it looks vaguely like the head of a rabbit with its ears folded back. In front is smaller, flat Kaohikaipu Island, another seabird sanctuary.