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Introducing Weaverville

Weaverville is the seat of Trinity County, a mountain and forest area that’s 75% federally owned. With its almost 3300 sq miles, the county is roughly the size of Delaware and Rhode Island together, yet has a total population of only 13, 000, and not one traffic light or parking meter.

In 1941 a reporter interviewed James Hilton, British author of Lost Horizon. ‘In all your wanderings, ’ the journalist asked the writer, ‘what’s the closest you’ve found to a real-life Shangri-La?’ Sighing wistfully (one imagines) Hilton responded, ‘A little town in northern California…a little town called Weaverville.’

Weaverville is a small gem of a town (a veritable Shangri-La) on the National Register of Historic Places. You can easily spend a day here just strolling around, visiting art galleries, museums and other historic structures.