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Tenakee Springs/USA

Introducing Tenakee Springs

Since its period in the late 1800s as a winter retreat for fishers and prospectors, Tenakee Springs has evolved into a rustic village known for its slow and relaxed pace of life. On the east side of Tenakee Inlet, the settlement is little more than a ferry dock, a row of houses on pilings and the hot springs - the town's main attraction - which bubble out of the ground at 108°F.

Tenakee's alternative lifestyle centers around the free public bathhouse at the end of the ferry dock. The building encloses the principal spring, which flows through the concrete bath at 7 gallons per minute. Bath hours, separate for men and women, are posted, and most locals take at least one good soak per day, if not two.

While you're in the area, always keep an eye out for marine mammals, such as humpback whales (commonly seen in Tenakee Inlet), killer whales and harbor porpoises. You may also see brown bears, as Chichagof Island is second only to Admiralty Island in the Southeast for the density of its bear population.