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Introducing King Salmon

King Salmon is the kind of place where you arrive just after breakfast and are on first-name terms with half the town by dinnertime. Almost all the people who fly in are bound for nearby Katmai National Park – the ‘town’ acts as both staging post and official nexus (the park HQ and visitor center are both near the airport). The oversized airport runway is testament to the erstwhile presence of the US Air Force who were stationed here until the 1990s. These days, you’re more likely to bump into hunters and fishers than pilots. They even hunt brown bears in King Salmon which are abundant and regarded as pests by some locals.

Tourists bound for Katmai’s Brooks Camp on floatplanes rarely linger here more than a few hours. However, if you get stuck overnight, King Salmon is a friendly enough place with two restaurants, two basic places to stay, and a river lined with floatplanes and boat docks.

There's a 10% room tax.