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Introducing Doğubayazıt

Doğubayazıt's setting is superb. On one side, the talismanic Mt Ararat (Ağrı Dağı, 5137m), Turkey's highest mountain, hovers majestically over the horizon. On the other side, İshak Paşa Palace, a breathtakingly beautiful fortress-palace-mosque complex, surveys town from its rocky perch. The town itself doesn't have many obvious attractions, but it's an obvious base for climbing Mt Ararat and exploring a few nearby sights. Nicknamed 'doggy biscuit' by travellers on the hippie trail, it's a friendly place with an appealing sense of border-town wildness. Coming from Erzurum or Kars, you'll quickly notice the distinct atmosphere here. Predominantly Kurdish, Doğubayazıt prides itself on its strong Kurdish heritage, which is celbrated at the Kültür Sanat ve Turizm Festivalı (Culture and Arts Festival). Held in June or July, the summer festival allows you to immerse yourself in Kurdish heritage through music, dance and theatre performances. Locals gather to watch outdoor concerts and Doğubayazıt's çay evis (teahouses) fill.