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Introducing Lukang (Lugang)

Ninety percent of Lukang (Lùgǎng) is as nondescript as most small towns in Taiwan…but then there is that other 10%. Comprising some of the most gorgeous temples in the country, and featuring curiously curved streets, heritage buildings, and dusty old shops where equally old masters create colourful handicrafts, it is this small part of Lukang that justifiably brings in the crowds.

People call Lukang a 'living museum' and this is true as much for the food as it is for the buildings and streets. Traditional dishes are cheap and readily available near all major sights. Look for the enticingly named phoenix-eye cake, dragon whiskers and shrimp monkeys, among many other dishes.

You can cover most sights on foot in one long day and there are many more worthy ones than we can list.

Lukang is just half an hour from Changhua by bus, and is easily reached from anywhere on the west coast.