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Introducing St Vincent

St Vincent is the largest island and the hub that most travelers will pass through on their visit to SVG. Though not uninspiring, the allure of the Grenadines pulls most visitors away from here quickly.

The beaches are on the average side and the frenetic pace of Kingstown and its unpolished edges inspires many to head out to the calm of the Grenadines. But the island is fascinating for exploring. The verdant rainforested interior has good hiking options and vast banana plantations provide a timeless spectacle.

This is not the polished Caribbean of Barbados or other heavily touristed islands, rather it is a lush and raw place where people are working hard every day to get by.

It’s easy for independent travelers to witness traditional Vincy life, as the towns and villages are unspoiled by tourism. Those staying within the resorts around the island’s coast, though, are for the most part insulated from the realities of local life on St Vincent.