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Introducing Podčetrtek

Most people make their way to this village, on a little bump of land extending into Croatia, to relax at the Terme Olimia thermal spa. Looming overhead are the remains of a castle originally built in the 11th century and an important fortification during the wars with the Hungarians 300 years later.

The town’s seemingly unpronounceable name comes from the Slovenian word for ‘Thursday’ – the day the market took place and the district court sat.

The centre of Podčetrtek is at the junction of four roads. All buses stop at the crossroads as well as at the spa and the campground. There are three train stations. For the village centre and the castle, get off at Podčetrtek. Atomske Toplice is good for Terme Olimia and the spa hotels. Podčetrtek Toplice is the correct stop for the campground.