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Southern Buryatiya & Zabaikalsky Territory/Russia

Introducing Southern Buryatiya & Zabaikalsky Territory

Scenically magnificent, Buryatiya crouches on the Mongolian border like a cartographic crab squeezing Lake Baikal with its right pincer. Much of the Baikal region covered above also falls within the republic, including Severobaikalsk and the Tunka Valley. Though its English version is limited, Buryatiya now has a tourism website at www.baikaltravel.ru.

The vast, sparsely populated Chita region stretches as far east as the wild Chara Mountains on the BAM railway, but in its more accessible southern reaches it's most interesting for the vibrant capital (Chita), the Buddhist culture of its autonomous Agin-Buryat enclave and as an access route to China.