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Introducing Legazpi

This gritty provincial capital is situated right at the foot of Mt Mayon (2462m), justifiably dubbed the world’s most perfect volcano. It’s a friendly enough place, clogged with traffic and Jollibee fast-food restaurants, but oddly charming nonetheless.

Legazpi is divided into Albay District and Legazpi City. Most government offices, the airport, and the fancier restaurants and hotels are situated in Albay District. Legazpi City is a noisy, convoluted maze of street stalls, markets, bars and exhaust-stained buildings. The bus terminal and cheaper accommodation are located here. Hundreds of jeepneys per day connect the two districts, which are 3.5km apart along the National Hwy.

City officials are transforming a chunk of the waterfront into the ritzy Embarcadero, a shopping-dining-nightlife complex/mall serviced by a small fleet of electric jeepneys.