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Introducing Lindesnes

Why go north when you can go south? At the almost 'polar' opposite to Nordkapp (some 2518km away) is Lindesnes, the southernmost point in Norway (latitude 57° 58' 95” N). Lindesnes (literally 'arching land peninsula') provides an occasional glimpse of the power that nature can unleash between the Skagerrak and the North Sea.

Rising above the cape is the evocative Lindesnes Fyr, a classic lighthouse. In two of the buildings you'll pass as you climb to the cape, there are exhibitions on the history of the lighthouse, while the visitors centre next to the gate has more plus an informative video about the site. The first lighthouse on the site (and the first in Norway) was fired up in 1655 using coal and tallow candles to warn ships off the rocks. The current electrical version, built in 1915, is visible up to 19.5 nautical miles out to sea.

Equally enticing are the series of intricate rocky coves that twist and turn their way around this snake-like coastline.