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Introducing Bluefields

With brick streets etched into a series of jade peninsulas, Bluefields (the city) stretches into Bluefields (the bay) like so many fingers. In between is a series of docks, floating restaurants, shipwrecks, and fish and produce markets. The city was once full of old wood Victorian charm before Category IV Hurricane Juana wiped it off the map in 1988. Today’s Bluefields is rather overindulgent in new concrete boxes, especially in the loud knot of streets downtown that eventually gives way to poor tin-roof neighborhoods that ramble over nearby hillsides and inland along brackish creeks.

Named after the Dutch pirate Blewfeldt, who made his base here in the 1700s, the capital of the RAAS is the the beating heart of Creole culture, famed for its its distinctive music, colorful dances and delicious cuisine, considered by many as the best in the country. And while it is not your typical Caribbean dream destination, if you give it a chance and get to know some of the town's colorful locals, Bluefields' decaying tropical charm will definitely grow on you. Still, you probably won’t linger too long. After all, you are just a boat ride away from the intriguing Pearl Lagoon basin, the spectacular Pearl Keys and those luscious Corn Islands.